Dezhi Yu

Staff Engineer


Dezhi Yu is a professional developer who focuses on Cloud Native now. He has strong knowledge of Go, Objective-C and network programming. With these skills, he created quite a few widely used applications and frameworks in the company. He also joins some organizations, becoming professional Membership of ACM / IEEE / IEEE-CS / CCF. He writes his personal thoughts on programming and tech in his personal blog that accumulates 7.55 million PV and 4.26 million UV. He is active on Github, which Github world stars rank 149 as well as world followers rank 95. He loves algorithms and advanced mathematics, winning medals in ACM-ICPC and Advanced Mathematics Competition.

Dezhi Yu also is a globetrotter, traveled around the world before the age of 28, and his footprints will soon cover seven continents (coming soon). He is extreme sports enthusiasts, like skydiving, skiing, diving, hot air ballooning, helicopters. He is always willing to try new things, and keeping to learn from them.

Now, he works for as a Staff Engineer.


  • Cloud Native
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Development
  • Computational Linguistics


  • MS in Software Engineering, GPA 3.95/4.0

    Carnegie Mellon University, CA, United States of America

  • B.Eng in Computer Science, GPA 3.8/4.0

    Huzhou University, Zhejiang, China



Staff Engineer

May 2021 – Present Singapore City, Singapore
  • Led a team consisting of 7 engineers to implement from scratch and successfully launch the firm’s first Strategy Distribution Engine – Themis, a smart strategy engine based on traffic flow and predicate conditions’ strategy, which provides handy service for vendors and consumers; Build strategy ecosystem, including Themis backend service, Themis-cli (deployment tool), Themis-admin(management configuration system), and Themis-SDK (developers suite of integrated for iOS/Android/H5).
  • Designed architecture of native service mesh cloud app on top of Golang backend services, using MySQL and Redis as high-performance database, Prow, Bazel as CI/CD, Hive, ClickHouse as data statistics and AWS by K8s + Istio as deployment environment.
  • Themis ecosystem managed to accumulate 200 million users within 10 days of its release to the public, with delivery rate above 97%, daily peak value over 5000k and online connections averaged 10k-15k QPS.

Senior Back End Engineer |Senior Research And Development Engineer

Alibaba Group

Apr 2018 – May 2021 Shanghai, China
  • Participated in Tmall Double Eleven online shopping promotion for 2 consecutive years; led team consisting of 5 engineers to build Taco ecosystem, including Taco (a distributed Golang-based message streaming platform, which served 300 million users and 20 third-party partners), Taco-cli (deployment tool), Taco-console (cost calculation and analytics service), and Taco-SDK (suite of templates for iOS/Android/H5).
  • Enriched Taco ecosystem by implementing Taco V2, an infura-like API gateway on top of Golang backend services, which used MySQL and Redis as high-performance database, RabbitMQ and Kafka as message queue, Hive, Blink and Elasticsearch as data and message pipeline query, and gRPC, Apache Thrift and HTTP as communication protocol.
  • Taco ecosystem successfully handles 1100 million+ push notifications per day, with delivery rate above 97% and delivery time of 0.72-1.2 seconds; daily peak value can reach 750k online connections with 30k-50k QPS.

Senior iOS Engineer | Front-End Engineer

Feb 2017 – Apr 2018 Shanghai, China

Front-End Engineer

  • Development and maintenance of the company’s basic services, StormEye, a weather service that will affect the company’s daily revenue. Different weathers have different revenue for each takeaway order. Worked on various small full stack projects with high proficiency in Golang, JavaScript and Objective-C.
  • Was responsible for Designed backend architecture with implementation in Golang, leveraging SOA-based microservices. RabbitMQ is used as the messaging queue and Apache Thrift as the communication protocol for Android, iOS and Web clients. In severe weather conditions, within China, it can help the company save 3 million per month on average.
  • Using Google S2 algorithm and Drove the efforts of building better scalability and performance across both PostgreSQL and application layers to achieve low latency with millions of requests per day on tens of millions of records. Service’s performance improved by 120%. Machine resources were reduced from 200 to 4, saving 98% of server resource.

Senior iOS Engineer

  • Developed the iOS application, Talaris, which was an aggregated same-day delivery platform for internal and third-party retailer using JavaScript, Objective-C and Ruby. Was in charge of building better scalability and performance across both Weex and Native application layers. The application’s monthly active users reached 90,000.
  • Was responsible for MVVM architecture design, routing design and API convergence management. Successfully decreased the crash rate from 7/10000 to 3/10000. Optimized the network layer, power and application fluency performance to help the team saving 15% power consumption and 7% network traffic consumption.
  • Training new engineers on MVVM architecture expertise, communicating with external deliveryman on technical difficulties, and sharing multiple-time technical topic within the team.

iOS Team Leader

Shanghai Fangchuang Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

May 2016 – Feb 2017 Shanghai, China
  • Led engineer team to develop 2nd version of iOS app Func, a product to help investors find and fund the most innovative start-ups; mainly responsible for technology architecture design, MVVM architecture reconstruction, Realm database replacement, instant messaging module migration and UI rewriting;
  • Worked closely with clients in investment banking and legal industries to collect user feedback and develop new features; actively applied Bugtags to monitor user behavior and optimize user experience.
  • Successfully decreased crash rate from 5/10000 to 1/10000 and increased network request success rate from 78% to 98%, the application having more than 50k monthly active users.

Senior iOS Engineer

Shanghai Ping An Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

Nov 2015 – Apr 2016 Shanghai, China
  • Was mainly responsible for the development of the 1QB Wallet hybird plug-in, using the Cordova framework to develop a payment plug-in for the 1QB Wallet app client, and burying points to count user behavior.
  • Building the Code Review platform in the team. Developed H5 webpack package deployment and remote backup distribution platform, including Jenkins integrated static code scanning on a daily basis and the CI/CD pipeline.

Junior iOS Engineer

Quatanium Technology Co., Ltd.

Jun 2013 – Nov 2015 Shanghai, China
  • Implemented and launched the very first iOS application, Qhome, a smart home client, which provided an easy-to-use home automation solutions for both businesses and consumers. Was in charge of the camera research and development (Foscam, Haikang, WRT access control plug-in), real-time viewing, intercom, playback, and interaction with the server.
  • Improved the fluency by 30%, reduced the power consumption by 20% and network disconnect by 40% using Instrument (Core Animation, Time Profiler, Energy Diagnostics, Network) Optimization method. Also optimized the code structure and compress pictures and finally reduced the total size of the app installation package by 50%.
  • Processed the user’s Crashlog with the third-party crash logging tool Crashlytics and the official TestFlight. Using statistics management tool Flurry to monitor user behavior and collect data for background data mining


Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Architect Specialization

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Architecting with Google Compute Engine Specialization

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Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization

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Programming with Google Go

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IEEE Professional Membership

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IEEE-CS Professional Membership

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CCF Professional Membership


The 2016 Best Recommended Author of jianshu

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The 10 Best Original Authors of 2016

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National Computer Rank Examination (Level 4 Network Engineer)

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The 36th ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Shanghai Site 2011 Fudan University - Honorable Mention

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The 8th Zhejiang Province University Programming Contest - Bronze Medal

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The ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Google Cup 2011 ACM-ICPC China Shanghai Fudan Invitational Programming Contest Fudan University - Bronze Medal

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Themis is the first of Strategy Distribution Engine systems in the company, and have serviced 200 million user. Themis, a smart strategy engine based on traffic flow and predicate conditions’ strategy, which provides handy service for vendors and consumers.


Prometheus Ghost theme is clean and very modern. The design is highly focused on typography. But there is also the perfect combination of image and white space in this design. This theme is perfect for a personal and professional blog.


Taco is one of the fast golang-based message push systems in the company, and have serviced 300 million user. Taco provides multiple push methods such as pushing a single user, pushing a group of users in batches, and accurately pushing specific user tags. The low-latency feature greatly empowers the logistics rider’s message reach scenario.


Deep Reinforcement Learning for the Threes! game. website:


Stormeye is the company’s internal project and it is the basic weather service.

Tank War AI

This project is for 2017 year’s Hackathon Programmer Contest. The competition requires designing a AI tank. The two sides of the battle tanks play in the sandbox. The competition requires submitting a working docker image. So this is my solution.


Clairvoyant is the company’s internal project and it is the basic service for collecting and analyzing rider trace.


The book about solutions to LeetCode in Go, 100% test coverage, runtime beats 100%. The book has won the praise of many people from CMU PhD/Google/Apple/Microsoft/Facebook/Amazon. Since this book released on 13, August, 2020, it had occupied the Github trending top 10 for 2 consecutive months. It has 0.74 million Words, 2 month cumulative 1.26 million Page Views, 0.56 million Unique Visitors, 68K PDF downloads.


LPDTeam APP is a delivery app tailored for delivery personnel by eleme Takeaway. It serves a large number of franchisees and eleme’s self-operated delivery team. It aims to help distributors better and faster serve eleme takeaway merchants and customers Provide delivery services.

eleme crowdsource

Hummingbird crowdsourcing is waiting for you to join! Create the concept of national distribution, everyone can become a rider and start the distribution life. Produced by, the country’s largest online ordering platform, a large number of waybills are softened.


Use Vue.js to develop a cross-platform full stack application of Objc china.

Youcai’s O2O food supply platform provides restaurants with high-quality food delivery. 2000 fresh food suppliers covering dozens of cities across the country, direct delivery will arrive next day! Direct supply from manufacturers, direct delivery from well-known flagship stores, and free home delivery from surrounding vegetable vendors.


This repo concludes my technology blog、speech slides、electronic publication.


iOS-Weekly are not just porters of information, but also evangelists of value. The content is not limited to specific content related to iOS technology. It also includes information that we believe is valuable to iOS developers, such as software engineering and programmer topics.


Fangke APP is a mobile investment and financing platform launched by Fangchuang. Committed to providing investors and entrepreneurs with an efficient, fast and convenient mobile investment banking experience. Recommend only high-growth developmental companies, which is convenient for investors to screen and compare.

PingAn YQB

YQB is a one-stop financial life shopping platform under Ping An of China, committed to creating value for every point of users. It covers many areas such as point service, current financial management, regular financial management, credit services, shopping, convenience of life, transfer and repayment, financial services, etc.


Trying to make your home awesome? Download the most innovative and user-friendly smart home app - Qhome by Quatanium Technology Co., Ltd. You will discover that your home could be more intelligent than you ever expected. Everything is awesome!

Chinese Dictionary 10001

A Chinese dictionary with more than 20,000 Chinese characters and detailed explanations, a collection of phonetic transcription, pinyin, stroke count, extra-part strokes, and interpretation. It also supports powerful search methods such as Chinese characters, pinyin, radicals, and stroke counts.

Smart Sokoban

This application is mainly to realize the sokoban smart game based on Android. Sokoban smart game( is an ancient game from Japan. Its design purpose is to train people’s logical thinking ability. The game scene is usually set in a small space warehouse, and it is required to place the boxes in the designated location.
































Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop