Smart Sokoban

• This application is mainly to realize the sokoban smart game based on Android. Sokoban smart game( is an ancient game from Japan. Its design purpose is to train people’s logical thinking ability. The game scene is usually set in a small space warehouse, and it is required to place the boxes in the designated location. This requires players to skillfully use limited space and passages, and reasonably arrange the position and movement order of boxes to complete the task.

• The application is based on Eclipse as a development tool, using Java programming technology, XML technology, Handler technology, and combined with SQLite database to design and implement sokoban smart games. Through the realization and integration of various functional modules, we finally successfully developed a sokoban smart game under the Android platform.

• The sokoban smart game designed this time allows players to not only enjoy the joy of completing each level, but also store the player’s game records and score, and at the same time share the player’s game results and joy to other people through Weibo, SMS, people web etc.

Dezhi Yu
Dezhi Yu
Staff Engineer

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.