iOS Master Book Summer


The entry materials for iOS can be described as flooding on the Internet. If you have a computer foundation and want to learn iOS quickly, you can do it easily with making a few user interfaces. However, after the enthusiasm for mobile entrepreneurship receded, the ability requirements of iOS developers have became higher and higher. When an beginner developer wants to become a better iOS developer, he will find that the Internet information is too trivial, and the quality of the information is difficult to distinguish. Ones often gets confused about how to improve himself and where to find good learning materials. This is the problem this book tries to solve. From the perspective of senior engineers, we find articles that we believe are of high quality and helpful to improve the technical level of iOS developers. This book is not a systematic study course, but an advanced supplementary book that broadens your horizons, so that readers can access things that are not commonly used in their work, open the door to your interests, and enhance your curiosity, this is the book original intention.

iOS Master Book
Dezhi Yu
Dezhi Yu
Staff Engineer

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.