Use Vue.js to develop a cross-platform full stack application of Objc china.

Youcai's O2O food supply platform provides restaurants with high-quality food delivery. 2000 fresh food suppliers covering dozens of cities across the country, direct delivery will arrive next day! Direct supply from manufacturers, direct delivery from well-known flagship stores, and free home delivery from surrounding vegetable vendors.


This repo concludes my technology blog、speech slides、electronic publication.


iOS-Weekly are not just porters of information, but also evangelists of value. The content is not limited to specific content related to iOS technology. It also includes information that we believe is valuable to iOS developers, such as software engineering and programmer topics.


Fangke APP is a mobile investment and financing platform launched by Fangchuang. Committed to providing investors and entrepreneurs with an efficient, fast and convenient mobile investment banking experience. Recommend only high-growth developmental companies, which is convenient for investors to screen and compare.

PingAn YQB

YQB is a one-stop financial life shopping platform under Ping An of China, committed to creating value for every point of users. It covers many areas such as point service, current financial management, regular financial management, credit services, shopping, convenience of life, transfer and repayment, financial services, etc.


Trying to make your home awesome? Download the most innovative and user-friendly smart home app - Qhome by Quatanium Technology Co., Ltd. You will discover that your home could be more intelligent than you ever expected. Everything is awesome!

Chinese Dictionary 10001

A Chinese dictionary with more than 20,000 Chinese characters and detailed explanations, a collection of phonetic transcription, pinyin, stroke count, extra-part strokes, and interpretation. It also supports powerful search methods such as Chinese characters, pinyin, radicals, and stroke counts.

Smart Sokoban

This application is mainly to realize the sokoban smart game based on Android. Sokoban smart game( is an ancient game from Japan. Its design purpose is to train people's logical thinking ability. The game scene is usually set in a small space warehouse, and it is required to place the boxes in the designated location.