Themis is the first of Strategy Distribution Engine systems in the company, and have serviced 200 million user. Themis, a smart strategy engine based on traffic flow and predicate conditions’ strategy, which provides handy service for vendors and consumers.


Prometheus Ghost theme is clean and very modern. The design is highly focused on typography. But there is also the perfect combination of image and white space in this design. This theme is perfect for a personal and professional blog.


Taco is one of the fast golang-based message push systems in the company, and have serviced 300 million user. Taco provides multiple push methods such as pushing a single user, pushing a group of users in batches, and accurately pushing specific user tags. The low-latency feature greatly empowers the logistics rider’s message reach scenario.


Deep Reinforcement Learning for the Threes! game. website:


Stormeye is the company’s internal project and it is the basic weather service.

Tank War AI

This project is for 2017 year's Hackathon Programmer Contest. The competition requires designing a AI tank. The two sides of the battle tanks play in the sandbox. The competition requires submitting a working docker image. So this is my solution.


Clairvoyant is the company’s internal project and it is the basic service for collecting and analyzing rider trace.


The book about solutions to LeetCode in Go, 100% test coverage, runtime beats 100%. The book has won the praise of many people from CMU PhD/Google/Apple/Microsoft/Facebook/Amazon. Since this book released on 13, August, 2020, it had occupied the Github trending top 10 for 2 consecutive months. It has 0.74 million Words, 2 month cumulative 1.26 million Page Views, 0.56 million Unique Visitors, 68K PDF downloads.


LPDTeam APP is a delivery app tailored for delivery personnel by eleme Takeaway. It serves a large number of franchisees and eleme's self-operated delivery team. It aims to help distributors better and faster serve eleme takeaway merchants and customers Provide delivery services.

eleme crowdsource

Hummingbird crowdsourcing is waiting for you to join! Create the concept of national distribution, everyone can become a rider and start the distribution life. Produced by, the country's largest online ordering platform, a large number of waybills are softened.